About Chester Trabucco

Trabucco has held senior management positions with Verizon corporate in Dallas, Texas (formerly GTE), responsible at the director level for the staff management and strategic planning of GTE’s $2.0 Billion Small Business Sector. In early 2000, at the height of the dot.com run-up, Trabucco assumed the position of President of Innuity , a Minneapolis subscription-based, templated web-design and transaction processing company to help evolve it into a an entity whose base grew nationally to 300,000 customers in under four years.

Trabucco has been involved at the entrepreneurial level in telecommunications, commercial real estate development, boutique hotels, outdoor advertising and banking, helping most recently as a founding Board member to successfully secure the last new bank charter awarded in the State of Oregon in 2008. Trabucco brings a balanced blend of corporate discipline and entrepreneurial creativity, as well as experience in complex project entitlement and implementation. Trabucco holds a Business Marketing Degree from the University of Oregon. He resides in Seattle .